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Welcome. This Online Training Center offers the opportunity to increase your knowledge in a variety of topic areas. The training format is similar to a self-study course allowing a person to progress at their own pace.

Please review the descriptions of the trainings listed below. If you would like to take a training, click on the "Register Now" button.

Please note: The registration and training system is not immediate or automatic. After a person registers for an online training, they will be contacted by e-mail and given the instructions for accessing the online training. When the online training is initiated, a small training manual will be available for download. We have intentionally constructed this training center to blend the advantages of technology with the irreplaceable aspects of person to person contact. When you receive the access information, you will be able to contact the coordinator at anytime with questions and comments.

Support Parent Training - EXPERIENCING TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES - Check back later

For parents/primary caregivers of a person with a disability or special health care need who would like to help other parents in New York State. Learn about Parent to Parent of NYS and the role of Support Parent. Reflect on your own experiences and learn about the emotional states commonly experienced by parent/primary caregivers, develop communication and listening skills and more.

Advocacy Skills & Techniques - EXPERIENCING TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES - please check back later.

Learn how to be an effective advocate for your child in the health care system, learn the steps necessary to advocate in person, on the phone, and in writing.

Home Medical Care - EXPERIENCING TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES - please check again later

Learn how to keep your home a home and not a hospital and how to be an effective health care employer in your home.

Health Care Record Keeping - EXPERIENCING TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES - please check back again

Learn the importance of health care record keeping and how it can help you advocate for your child.

Parent-Professional Collaboration - EXPERIENCING TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES - check back later

Teaches the elements of family/professional collaboration and how to work as a partner with professionals in order to have your child's needs understood and met.

A Family to Family Health Care Information & Education Center.

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