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Red Carpet Award - Valerie Reid and Valerie Stammelman, Long Island Office

2013 Staff Recognition


The Long Island Office has come together and had a great year.


They welcome parents with “Coffee Talks”, which are an open door to coffee and goodwill. They create a safe space for emotional issues to be discussed and shared, have hosted great guest speakers, and had fun in-house events. 


An indicator of their success is the invitations they received to collaborate on projects, invitations to present at conferences, and school SEPTA events.


Val and Val have come together to work as a team.   Parents appreciate their commitment and dedication and their regional office transformation. The DDRO staff turn to Valerie and Valerie for help and keep communication open.


They enjoy working together and make a huge difference in the families in their region.


Thank you for your many contributions to Parent to Parent and to families who reach out to you.