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Making the Difference 2010 - Michele Juda

Michele’s mission is to make a difference for families and helping to help them meet their child’s needs. She is regularly teaching parents to advocate for their children and guiding them to learn the questions to ask. Michele makes time to answer questions and help solve problems for both staff and families.


Michele advocates and participates in programs and activities on the local, statewide and national level. When colleagues are presented with a question or situation from a family that they are unsure how to handle, Michele will take the time to listen and offer advice.

She will make contact with her networks to find answers and solutions. For example, one of our employees received a call from a mother looking for assistance for her son who requires “life saving” formula. The family’s insurance would not cover the formula. Michele provided information to assist the family and she called
back a few days later and said “I spoke to so and so and got more information for the family”.

Michele will not stop searching for information and helping until she is satisfied with the outcome. Her passion makes her a leader, role model and supervisor.

Michele has been instrumental in Parent to Parent of NYS being the NYS Affiliate for Family Voices, the organization that gives voice to the health care needs of families. She has become a bridge between this national organization and Parent to Parent of NYS

She has assisted with Parent to Parent’s long range planning committee. She has a deep understanding of the information which she shares with families in a relevant format that makes sense to families.

Thank you, Michele, for making a difference for families and for Parent to Parent of NYS.


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