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Making the Difference 2009 - Mary Beth Fadelici and Diane Lagree


Mary Beth and Diane are two of our colleagues who help hold our organization together and it isn’t an easy task. Some days it is not a pretty picture. Diane insists that her job security is the bi-weekly time sheet reconciliation. Mary Beth knows her cabana is her refuge when things get ugly at the office.

In all seriousness both bring kindness, brains, caring and dedication to their work. Both can listen to a young parent and keep listening and keep listening. So often that is what is needed and they will do it.

They also enter the belly of the beast each day as they walk into their office and face the phone calls, complaining and yes sometimes some whining. They are there when needed.

Thank you, Mary Beth and Diane, for your contributions to this organization. 


Click here to download in PDF: Making the Difference 2009 - Mary Beth Facelici and Diane Lagree