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Kerbanoo D’Rozario Delivers Keynote at Q811 June 2013

Commencement address made by Kerbanoo D’Rozario, Regional Coordinator for Parent to Parent of NYS, New York City office on June 20, 2013

Good morning, to all Administrators, Teachers, Staff, Parent, Caregivers, Family & Friends Special Shout out & Congratulations to the Graduates of Q811 at QHST


Last Wednesday, I was at a Committee for Day Hab meeting, and at the end of the meal I opened a fortune cookie. It read… "You will receive some high prize or award soon”


I had just accepted this most honorable invitation to talk to a class of graduates and that too from Q811. What better award could I have been given?


I have it etched in my memory, the day I visited Q811 Marathon parkway in 1995. It has been an extension of Yohaan’s life for over 16 years, hence making it a part of our family. He had the opportunity to attend three of their sites and eventually graduated from QHST.


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