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Michelle Fidler-Sutherland | Board Member | Western NY

Michelle lives in Monroe County with her husband and their children. She is a dedicated and passionate advocate for individuals with disabilities and looks forward to her service on the Parent to Parent of NYS Board of Directors.

Michelle’s work as a voice for those with developmental challenges began shortly following her youngest son’s diagnosis with autism in 2001. Later her son developed pronounced behaviors and epilepsy that compounded his challenges. Michelle recognized a lack of adequate support for families with children who possess severe behavioral challenges and understands the immense struggles parents who have children with complex disabilities face. Consequently, she is a strong advocate for supports for parents and individuals with behavioral challenges.

Michelle consistently translates her passion and tenacity for assisting those with developmental disabilities and their families into involvement and action. Michelle is a Support Parent for Parent to Parent of NYS and feels that being able to reach out and connect with other parents is essential. She has been a member of several committees and currently is also councilmember of the Region One Family Support Advisory Council, for which she serves as Chairperson of their subcommittee on behaviors. Furthermore, Michelle serves as a Lay Advocate and a Parent Representative and is also a graduate of the Partners in Policymaking spring class of 2015.

Michelle’s personal experience, coupled with her service through multitude committees and organizational memberships, gives her a broad base of knowledge from which she is able to draw when working to understand and assist families. She is a valuable and accessible resource for parents with children who struggle with behaviors and those who have difficulty finding appropriate supports. Consistently dedicated to advocating for families and individuals, Michelle seeks to proactively expand access and quality of services for families and individuals who are most in need. 

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