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TIES (Together Including Every Student)


TIES (Together Including Every Student) was developed in 1997 and promotes the participation of students and young adults who have developmental disabilities in inclusive, organized extracurricular and community activities through the support of trained student volunteers. TIES is funded through Starbridge and individual school districts. Coordinators recruit and train volunteer high school students to be helpers to kids and young adults with developmental disabilities aged 8 to 21, so that they can participate in extra-curricular or community activity.

Volunteers get community service credit in their high schools for the time spent volunteering with TIES, while participants benefit from the opportunity to engage with typical peers while participating in an activity or an event that they are interested.


TIES is looking for new school districts to participate in the TIES program. If a school district isn't listed on this website, contact Kathy Costello, TIES Program Director at 585-546-1700 or 800-650-4967 or email

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