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Hudson Valley Events

Sensory Sensitive Screening of Ralph Breaks The Internet

Date of Event: December 1st, 2018
Start Time: 10 am | End Time: 1pm


Showcase Cinema de Lux City Center 15 

Event Address:

19 Mamaroneck Ave

White Plains, NY 10601
Event Cost: $11.75 (Adult) / $11 (Children)
Contact Person: Phone:

To provide a sensory-sensitive environment, the following adjustments to the auditorium will be made:

  • Volume will be reduced.
  • Lights will remain dim throughout the movie.
  • No trailers will play prior to the film.
  • All films will be presented in 2D.
  • Guests may get up, move around, dance, cheer, clap, sing or otherwise engage with the movie presentation.
  • Guests may bring fidgets, small blankets, or other items that will allow them to feel more comfortable.

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