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Adapted Recreation Services: Events

ARS develops opportunities within the community for all to access, and serves Monroe and surrounding counties, collaborating with other not for profits as well as local businesses. ARS provides Community Connection, Functional Education Skill development, Fitness/Healthy Living classes, Adapted Physical Education Consultation, and Recreational Programs throughout the community. They work closely with self-directed programs to help build classes around the needs of individuals.

Community Connections for individuals who wish to increase their level of independence with daily living skills through guidance and support of qualified ARS staff. First the individual will identify what he/she wants to work on, ARS staff and the individual will establish realistic goals. (Focus areas include, pre-vocational and employment, community engagement, and life skills). ARS staff will create a comprehensive plan for the individual so that he/she can stay on track while working toward goals. Due to the nature of this program, an 8-week session is recommended, meeting on a weekly basis. The duration of each session is dependent upon the individual goals. The cost is $40 per hour.

Functional Education Skills Development: individuals will be assessed based on the area of focus chosen. Following evaluations, levels will be identified and a program will be created for each individual to develop or enhance their skills in each area. The cost for this program is $40 per hour. Areas include:

  • GED Preparation: Preparation course with lessons and practice tests
  • Functional Reading: Enhancing skills to read a bus schedule
  • Functional Math: Enhancing skills to help an individual budget their money or balance their checkbook

Personalized Fitness/Healthy Living: developing a fitness program around an individual's or group's established goals. ARS helps individuals engage within their community through local gyms, parks, and recreational opportunities. Also, ARS will help develop lifestyle goals that focus on fitness, healthy eating, and fun ways to become active. These events are community-based with dates and times to be established with the individual client. The cost for this program is $50 per session.

To register for programs email ARS with a program request, the participant's name, time and day. A confirmation of enrollment will be emailed back followed by a payment request.

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