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Autism Society of WNY

A resource for information on support groups, events and recreation information for families with members who have Autism.   

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eiFamilies Website; Part of the Family Initiative Coordination Services Project at the Just Kids

EiFamilies.jpgThe Bureau of Early Intervention and the Family Initiative Coordination Services Project announces a redesigned and updated website for the Family Initiative Coordination Services Project, known as Partners. This website, a part of New York State Department of Health Bureau of Early Intervention sponsored contract with Just Kids Early Childhood Learning Center.

The website redesign includes:

  • New and updated information, resources and supports on a variety of Early Intervention related topics for families
  • A drop box feature which allows a user to view content translated instantly into one of 104 different languages
  • Information on Early Intervention Partners Training for parents
  • Helpful links to State and National programs and organizations
  • Early Intervention Program Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

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Fantastic Friends of Western New York

Fantastic Friends of Western New York strives to create meaningful friendships among special needs are neuro-typical tweens and teens through fun monthly social events. Every month Fantastic Friends hosts a fun social event for members with special needs and volunteers. Members are always paired with a 1:1 volunteer at each event, who helps them interact with other Fantastic Friends and participate in the event's activities.

Fantastic Friends welcomes volunteers. Chapters are led by and events are planned by neuro-typical ppers for our special needs members. For more information contact Debbie Cordone, founder of Fantastic Friends of Western New York, call 716-863-7393 or email For additional information see the brochure linked below. 

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Parent Network of WNY

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Parent Network of WNY Workshops

Parents helping parents and professionals enable individuals with disabilities to reach their own potential. 

Parent Network offers workshops, trainings and events for parents of children with disabilities and for the professionals who work with them.

Please follow the link to learn about the available workshops and to register for these workshops. The list is updated monthly and includes workshops on bullying, how to work with professionals, working with schools, transition from school to adult life, and many other topics. There is also a selection of Autism related workshops.

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Respite services

Community Services for the Developmentally disabled offers respite services to families of individuals who are 21 years of older and live with family or family-like persons and have higher needs. In order to be eligible the individual does not need to be eligible for waiver services. For adidtional information see the brochure listed below.

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TIES (Together Including Every Student)


TIES (Together Including Every Student) was developed in 1997 and promotes the participation of students and young adults who have developmental disabilities in inclusive, organized extracurricular and community activities through the support of trained student volunteers. TIES is funded through Starbridge and individual school districts. Coordinators recruit and train volunteer high school students to be helpers to kids and young adults with developmental disabilities aged 8 to 21, so that they can participate in extra-curricular or community activity.

Volunteers get community service credit in their high schools for the time spent volunteering with TIES, while participants benefit from the opportunity to engage with typical peers while participating in an activity or an event that they are interested.


TIES is looking for new school districts to participate in the TIES program. If a school district isn't listed on this website, contact Kathy Costello, TIES Program Director at 585-546-1700 or 800-650-4967 or email

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