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June is Safety Awareness Month!

Individuals with disabilities are vulnerable to being targeted for bullying, abuse, and other violence. -They are also not immuned from drowning, being victims of house fires, wandering, or other natural disasters. Children and adults who have difficulty moving or communicating are even more vulnerable to being harmed if things go wrong.  As parents and caregivers of individuals with special needs it is important to have safety plans and safeguards in place to increase the personal safety of the family and the individual with special needs. In the month of June, make a safety plan and review your plan with all involved in your child(ren)'s care. Integrate the teaching of personal safety skills into your child's day-to-day life. Take care of yourself! 

Contact the South Central Region of Parent to Parent of NYS for more information on where to go to find help on developing a safety plan and safety measures for your individual with special needs. Karen and Lin are more than happy to help you with with these questions or any other of your family's unique concerns. 

Karen Coppola: (607) 770-0211 ext. 891

Lin Perry: (607) 770-0211 ext. 787

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