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When children are young it is difficult to have an image of what their future will look like as adults. The reality for many parents and caregivers is that they do have to continue to plan for their children as they enter adulthood.

Where will a person live as an adult? Where we live when we are gone? How do we learn about residential possibilities? How do we learn about financing and paying for housing when a person has limited resources?

This section is designed to provide information and resources regarding housing.
Included are some resources to assist you and to provide information to consider when a child with a disability is turning 18, such as guardianship, conservatorship and alternative safeguards, provide information on educational rights and laws for children with disabilities, and describe financial assistance and services available for children with disabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t imagine my son living independently…
I can’t imagine my son living independently. Is it possible for him to live in his own apartment?
Yes, he can have his own apartment and still get the supports he needs. There is the individualized service environment and consolidated supports and services.

My daughter is 17…

My daughter is 17, is this too soon to be thinking housing options for her?

No, depending on what type of housing your daughter wants, it could take 2 to 5 years to get it. This would be a good time to sit down with her to make out the “Housing Wish List”. After you’ve done the wish list, then do the Affordable Housing Alternatives Survey together. This will give you a good idea about what she wants and needs to live independently.

I have a family member with a developmental disability living with me…

I have a family member with a developmental disability living with me. Are there any programs available to assist me in buying a home?

The OPWDD Home of Your Own program is now available to family members living with a person who has a developmental disability. Other programs available are the Home Choice and USDA Rural Development. For more information contact The OPWDD Office of Housing Initiatives in Albany at 518-473-1973 or the Housing Coordinator at your local DDRO.

If my son is on the NYS Cares waitlist…
If my son is on the NYS Cares waitlist will someone call us about a group home when he gets to the top of the list?

No, the NYS cares waitlist is used to bring funding into the region for housing. People don’t move up on the list. If you are looking for agency housing, you’ll need to contact an agency yourself. Your Medicaid Service Coordinator can help you.

Additional Housing Information

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