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152 Links Digest March 2019

Transition can be a time of great uncertainty. This month we provide some links to help navigate some big changes that your family may be facing. 

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151 Links Digest February 2019

Families of children with disabilities and/or special health care needs often have added expenses related to the care of their children. Here are some ways to help ease the financial burdens that families face.

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150 Links Digest January 2019

It is important that caregivers of those with disabilities have appropriate resources when working with Care Coordination Organizations/Health Homes (CCO/HH). This month's edition gives the reader the policy mandates that CCO/HH's have to follow and the methods of establishing data to determine whether an organization is bringing "value" to its members.

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149 Links Digest December 2018

It is open enrollment season for most health insurance markets, including those plans purchased through the NY State of Health Insurance Marketplace. This is the time of year when you can purchase health insurance and/or make changes to existing policies In this month's edition of Links Digest you will learn what questions you should ask when trying to select a health insurance plan that will best meet your needs. Please note that there are important dates for the NY State of Health Insurance Marketplace listed below.

Also, learn about the Developmental Disabilities Profile (DDP-2) and the role it plays in determining OPWDD services for an individual.   

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148 Links Digest November 2018

This months edition focuses on the NY State of Health Insurance Marketplace and dates for obtaining insurance. It is vitally important for consumers to know that the NYS marketplace is once again open longer than the Federal marketplace in order to ensure that consumers and small business owners have adequate time to weigh options and select plans for 2019. Please see document for specific dates regarding coverage. Also included in this edition is information on Life Plans and Health Homes under OPWDD.

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146 Links Digest January 2017

This month's issue contains the Lucille Packard Foundation's powerful photographic essay capturing the experience of families raising children with special health care needs. They are accepting additional entries, so tell your story! Additional information includes tips on how to prepare for well child visits, a chart that explains the difference between a school's identification or classification of a child and a clinical diagnosis, a resource guide for families who are concerned about their child's hearing, and strategies for providing sexuality education to children and youth with disabilities.

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Links Digest #145 December 2016

Open Enrollment for insurance coverage through the Affordable Care Act is still available through January 31st, however the plans will not have a January 1st effective date. If you are already enrolled, January 31st is the deadline to make any changes to 2017 plans. Also featured this month is information on creating family health history documents, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Autism screening services, transitioning into adulthood and more.

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144 Links Digest November 2016

Open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act is underway. For coverage to be effective as of January 1st, enrollment must be completed by December 15th. Learn more about applying for coverage through NY State of Health, care mapping, and an opportunity to provide the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services feedback on how to expand community-based services in this month's edition of the Links Digest.

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Links Digest #143 October 2016

Open enrollment for plans available through the Affordable Care Act begins November 1st.  Learn more about selecting a plan, and the deadlines for doing so, in this month's Links Digest.  Also featured are some great resources for assisting children with disabilities who are experiencing bullying and a comprehensive guide to air travel when your child has special health care needs.

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