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Disability Resources - U.S. Dept. of Labor Office of Disability Employment Policy

Looking for resources for yourself or another family raising a child (or children) with a special health care need? The website contains a number of local, state and federal resources for families of with children with special health care needs.

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Community Health Workers and Children with Special Health Care Needs

The National Center for Community Based Services for Children With Special Health Care Needs and The HCS Foundation have collaborated to find ways of improving health and related services for children with special health care needs from traditionally underserved communities. The engagement of community health workers (CHWs) has emerged as a very promising strategy for addressing the persistent health disparities.. This report outlines the advantages of using CHW to reach families and identifies the assistance that these individuals can provide families in navigating the healthcare system.

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Improving Preparedness for Children and Youth with Special Needs

It is important for all families to be prepared for an emergency or natural disaster; however special steps need to be taken for families of Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs. This link provides information on what to consider when making preparations as well as useful resource links for both federal and state agencies that can help make sure that your preparations are complete.

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Find a HRSA Health Center

Use this Google Maps based tool to locate health care, even if you have no health insurance -- pay what you can afford based on your income.  Health centers provide services that include checkups when you are well, treatment when you are sick, complete care when you are pregnant, and immunizations and checkups for your children. Some health centers also provide mental health, substance abuse, oral health, and/or vision services. Contact the health center organization directly to confirm the availability of specific services and to make an appointment.

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NYS Multiple Systems Navigator Website

The New York State Multiple Systems Navigator Website provides easy access to helpful health, education, human service and disability information in


 a user-friendly website. The website is designed for youth, parents, family members and caregivers.  

It covers Navigating Basic, Transition to Adulthood, Journaling Tools, a Mapping Tool and more! 

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The Campaign to Immunzye All New Yorkers

The County Health Officials of New York have a comprehensive website, Immunyze, for parents and professionals outlining the importance of vaccinations throughout the lifespan. It includes suggestions for vaccinations schedules as well as scholarly articles to help people make informed vaccination decisions.

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New York Statewide School Health Services Center (NYSSHSC)

NYSSHSC offers information that will assist parents in gaining a better understanding about health care at school, what nurses are required to do, documentation, etc.