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Seeking Families of Children with Medical Complexity for Focus Groups

Location: Women & Children's Hospital of Buffalo

Dates: Tuesday, June 27, 2017 and Thursday, June 29, 2017

We are looking to understand how families can get all types of needed care for their children, whether it is in the hospital, school, pharmacy, therapies, or anything in the community where you live. We are seeking up to ten families of children who have medical complexity. This includes any child who has at least two chronic conditions and sees at least two specialists of any type. The focus groups will last for approximately 90 minutes, and participants will receive a $25 gift card in appreciation for their time. If you are interested, please contact Nancy Gushue, Division of General Pediatrics, at or 716.878.7277 by June 15. Additional questions may be directed to Dennis Kuo, MD, MHS, Project Director, at 125 Hodge Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14222, 716.878.1098. 

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Making a Dental Home for You and Your Child: Dentistry for Individuals with Disabilities

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