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Health Care Information

Health Care Information & Education Center

Help for families of children with special health care needs seeking objective, family-friendly health care information.

Through the Family to Family Health Care Information and Education Center, families can:

  • Obtain information and referrals on a variety of topics
  • Connect with Health Care Resource Parents (Request a Parent Match)
  • Receive training on health care insurance and other financial issues, working with health care professionals in your home, collaborating with professionals, health care resources, and other health care topics. (See our Online Training Center.)


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Statewide News

Making the Science of Genetics Personal
Parent to Parent tops’s list of 10 Helpful Special Needs Organizations
NYMAC Conducts PKU Survey
2016 Code of Conduct Recognition Award Recipients
New York State Population Needs Assessment
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144 Links Digest November 2016
State Education Department proposes school health regulation changes
YOUTH POWER is seeking youth between the ages of 14-24

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Statewide Events

WEBINAR-Health Care Notebook overview
Webinar: Loss, Grief, and Adjustment for Parents of Children with Special Needs
WEBINAR- Statewide Support Parent Training
Teleconference Training: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
WEINAR- Medicaid Service Coordination for Families – Getting the Most from Your Child’s Program
Webinar - Preventing Parent Burnout for Parents of Children with Special Needs
WEBINAR- A Guide for Families to Understanding Supports & Services Administered by OPWDD
WEBINAR- Education for Empowerment: School and Teens in Healthcare Transition
WEBINAR- Education Records Organizer

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