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Parent to Parent of New York State builds a supportive network of families to reduce isolation and empower those who care for people with developmental disabilities or special healthcare needs to navigate and influence service systems and make informed decisions. 

Headlines and Highlights

Parent to Parent of NYS in the News

Michele Juda recently sat down with Phil Bayly, anchor of News Channel 13 (WNYT) and host of Forum 13, for a discussion about Parent to Parent of NYS' Parent Matching program.

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Regional Coordinator Position in Hudson Valley Office

We are seeking a part-time Regional Coordinator in our Hudson Valley office, located at Westchester Institute for Human Development.  Additional information available through the link below.

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YOUTH POWER is seeking youth between the ages of 14-24

YOUTH POWER! is seeking youth to be members of a peer-run statewide planning group for AMPLIFY-NY! Youth and young adults with developmental and other disabilities ages 14-24 are invited to join this group to help design and plan regional youth leadership forums across the state, beginning with the pilot forum in the Capital District. Young people who are interested in joining this group can apply by clicking here.

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New York State Population Needs Assessment

In 2015 the Office of People with Developmental Disabilities Balancing Incentive Program provided St. Mary's Healthcare System for Children a grant to assess the need for services for the aging out medically fragile population in New York State, and to develop a pilot group home model for young adults with medical fragility. Young adults with complex care and medical fragility frequently face challenges finding care settings prepared to meet their unique needs. With limited skilled nursing facilities that serve their age demographic and a few group homes capable of meeting their complex clinical needs these young adults are often relegated to social isolation in institutional settings intended for the elderly or left to be cared for by their aging parents struggling with inadequate support.

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Find a HRSA Health Center

Use this Google Maps based tool to locate health care, even if you have no health insurance -- pay what you can afford based on your income.  Health centers provide services that include checkups when you are well, treatment when you are sick, complete care when you are pregnant, and immunizations and checkups for your children. Some health centers also provide mental health, substance abuse, oral health, and/or vision services. Contact the health center organization directly to confirm the availability of specific services and to make an appointment.

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Does It Run in the Family?  A Guide to Family Health History

It is important to know your family health history when discussing healthcare with your provider. Using this toolkit a family member can capture information on heredity, diet, environment, and patterns of disease. Family health history tells more than just what diseases run in a family. It includes information about where the family has lived and what kind of work and activities they do. This tool by Genetic Alliance can help families and physicians alike see potential health risks and plan a course of action.

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NYS Multiple Systems Navigator Website

The New York State Multiple Systems Navigator Website provides easy access to helpful health, education, human service and disability information in


 a user-friendly website. The website is designed for youth, parents, family members and caregivers.  

It covers Navigating Basic, Transition to Adulthood, Journaling Tools, a Mapping Tool and more! 

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The Campaign to Immunzye All New Yorkers

The County Health Officials of New York have a comprehensive website, Immunyze, for parents and professionals outlining the importance of vaccinations throughout the lifespan. It includes suggestions for vaccinations schedules as well as scholarly articles to help people make informed vaccination decisions.

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State Employees' Federal Appeal

Please consider donating to Parent to Parent of NYS during this year's State Employees' Federal Appeal Campaign.

A Family to Family Health Care Information & Education Center.

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A Message From Our Director

Added / Updated

American College of Physicians Health Care Transition Toolkits for Young Adults

The American College of Physicians (ACP), announced the release of specialized toolkits to facilitate more effective transition and transfer of young adults into health care settings. The new transition toolkits contain several condition-specific tools modeled after Got Transition's Six Core Elements of Health Care Transition.

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National Center for Medical Home Implementation - For Families and Caregivers

Family members are the primary caregivers and support in a child’s life. Practices and health care organizations that are family-centered provide care in equal partnership with families, caregivers, and children. This page includes tools, resources, and links to information that will assist families in successfully partnering with their child’s medical home. (If you are asked for a username and password, click cancel to bypass this screen and arrive at the resource.)

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United Healthcare Children’s Foundations Grants

United Healthcare Children’s Foundations grants provide financial help/assistance for families with children that have medical needs not covered or not fully covered by their commercial health insurance plan. The Foundation aims to fill the gap between what medical services/items a child needs and what their commercial health benefit plan will pay for.

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